There are 3 basic types of logos.

  • Iconic/Symbolic
  • Logotype/Wordmark
  • Combination Marks


Using the best option for you, a logo will communicate the essence of your brand, product or even convey a concept as ethics, mission, et cetera.


Logo and tag line.

Origins' logo. Branding of a Vegetarian restaurant.



The office package includes business card, letterhead and envelope.

Office Package

Web design includes desktop, tablet and phone versions. On the desktop version, one of the pages may be used for a blog.



Web Design

Restaurants: Menu design

This is a menu for a restaurant that changes the dishes very often. For a low-cost menu, the pages can be printed in house and inserted in the interior slip of the menu cover.

For restaurants that do not change their menu very often, there are other menu formats, like three-view and multiple views. We provide a style guide to help you choose what is the best option.

Magazine ad.

Advertisement for a magazine.


Newspaper ad.

Advertisement for a newspaper.